TV for DUMMIES. A Performance for 100 Remote-Controls, 2011-2012

The performance questions the dynamics between audience and television. Who influences who? Who leads? Who drives? Who manipulates?

Do you like violence?

A performance for 100 remote-controls blends three interconnected axis: the story, the video installation and the audience participation through voting via remote control. A complex personal drama, the disappearing of an eight year old girl, is grotesquely sensationalised and deformed when an ambitious TV reporter shows up. The audience is asked to chip in and vote on key story beats, their votes later incorporated into the TV footage screened in the tv sets embedded in the home appliances. But is it a real vote? Do our choices really matter?

Teatrul National Vasile Alecsandi, Iasi. 2010-2012

Directed by: Ioana Paun
Written by: Mona Bozdog and Mihaela Michailov.
Set and Costume Design: Maria Pitea
Video Design: Andrei Cozlac
Cast: Haruna Condurache, Petronela Grigorescu, Florin Caracala, Ioana Lefter, Iustin Surpanelu, Karina Pop.

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