ZERO dB, 2012

zero tolerance/ zero ethics/ zero affect


ZERO DECIBELs @ Teatrul Foarte Mic (Very Little Theatre, Bucharest), 2012

A socio-fonic performance by Ioana Paun. A different type of empathy awaits as you catch a glipse of the thoughts of three Deaf characters: a boy who wants to dance, a yound man who is made to take a music exam and a woman who has to call an emergency service. Their thoughts unwind in your headphones and you gain access to a different perspective, that of a person who cannot hear or speak and their life in zero tolerant Romania in 2011.

Written by: Mona Bozdog şi Ioana Păun
Costume and Set Design: Andrada Chiriac
Live Sound Mix: Sever Bârzan
Choreography: Paul Dunca
Cast: Mihaela Rădescu, Claudia Prec, Alexandru Potoceanu, Ştefan Lupu, Sever Bârzan, Paul Dunca

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