Research and Publications


Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D., Play between worlds: Inchcolm Project. Scottish Journal of Performance, vol 4(1), September 2017. Available here:

Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D., I Cried to Dream Again: Discovery and Meaning-Making in Walking Simulators, DiGRA-FDG2016, August 1-6, Dundee.

Available here:

Bozdog, M. Exploring physical and virtual islands: Inchcolm Project. Game Think 2.0 Conference, Glasgow University, 03 February 2017. Talk available here:


2015-2018 Applied Research Collaborative Studentship. Connecting Performance and Play. Establishing Interdisciplinary Design Methods for the Development of Games and Performance.

Supervisory team:
Dr. Dayna Galloway, Dr. Kenneth McAlpine (Abertay University)
Dr. Laura Bissell, Dr. Alistair MacDonald (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
Simon Sharkey (The National Theatre of Scotland)

Funded by Abertay University and the Scottish Funding Council. Partnership between: Abertay University Dundee, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, The National Theatre of Scotland and The Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities

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